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Improve your child’s brain structure

Amigos, Check out this article:  https://www.inverse.com/article/11487-science-shows-that-bilingual-people-s-brains-work-differently This validates what we, at La Academia, have observed for years: 1) that bilingual children have enhanced cognition  and 2) The child...

New Research about Bilingualism

Amigos, Current research shows that “..our capacity for attentional or cognitive control—the ability to focus on certain information and ignore other information—seems to be strengthened by bilingualism”. This article has an excellent breakdown of the...
Translation Services

Translation Services

La Academia Spanish has over 20 years personally providing quality translations services to government agencies and small businesses. Your project will not be outsourced locally nor auctioned in the internet to the lowest bidder. You deal directly with experienced La...
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