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Speaking Spanish will allow you to communicate with more than 495 million people worldwide

About Us

La Academia Spanish Immersion in DFW, offers you a flexible schedule in Spanish tutoring for your busy lifestyle. You can take advantage learning the Spanish language in a relaxed environment. To improve, practice or acquire skills from our experienced and qualified staff of native Spanish speaking instructors who are ready to guide and teach you Spanish according to your needs or interests.

Spanish After School Programs

The  La Academia Spanish Immersion After School program allows children to develop friendships in a relaxed environment, complete their homework in an organized manner and engage in intelligent fun of their own choosing. Plus they’ll experience the natural flow of conversational Spanish that makes learning a language seem effortless.

Just Starting or Seasoned Spanish Student?

Regardless if you have never spoken a word of Spanish or if you have studied Spanish for many years, we will setup a custom learning plan designed specifically for you. Our seasoned Spanish teachers have been teaching Spanish for over 20 years and know the most effective ways to teach individuals Spanish.

We have students that have never taken Spanish classes to students that were raised speaking Spanish. Our students range from elementary students to grandparents. Spanish is for everyone and it is never too early or too late to start speaking Spanish. We will be with you every step of the way and will custom a learning plan specifically designed for you. The key ingredient in learning Spanish is to have a desire to learn Spanish. If there is a will, then there is a way to learn Spanish and our experienced Spanish teachers know exactly how to guide each individual along their Spanish learning journey.

Spanish is not just another language to La Academia Spanish, it is the only foreign language we teach. We have a real passion for both the Spanish language and the Spanish culture. Learn Spanish, Live Spanish, Speak Spanish with expert guidance from La Academia Spanish!

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Spanish Class


Spanish Class


Spanish Class


Spanish Class


Los Numeros

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro….

Spanish Student Guru

Hey Mom, I can speak Spanish!

Learning Spanish!

Spanish made easy with the help of Las Maestras!

Dedicated Spanish Students!

We love Spanish!

We are here to Help

Live Spanish!

I love Spanish!

I am dedicated to learning Spanish and I am going to make a 100 on this...

Spanish Teamwork

Two heads is better than one!

Spanish in Action!

Focused on Spanish and Loving every minute of it!

Spanish Class!

Hola, here is one of our children’s Spanish classes. Learn Spanish! Live Spanish!...

Maestra Nelly Orr

Maestra Nelly Orr has a personal touch and a great talent in connecting with each...

Interactive Class

Spanish class at La Academia Spanish is not a spectator sport, instead we engage each of...

Happy Student

We love our students and strive to make the Spanish learning process as easy and as...

Maestra Diana

Maestra Diana making the Spanish class fun!

Maestra Diana

Maestra Diana making Spanish class fun and personal!

Maestra Nelly Orr

Maestra Nelly Orr rocking the Spanish class!